Tuesday, August 4, 2009

22 more sleeps and we are on a one way, south bound plane! Figured it was time to get this blog started and break the news that YES, there are some basic ground rules if you wish to read the contents of this blog!

1. This site may contain content that is offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.
2. We will be posting pictures on here as we go! Absolutely no mocking of my hair, lack of make-up, or the fact that you will only see me wearing 3 different shirts is allowed. Just be grateful you're not standing next to me when I am wearing said smelly shirts.
3. Realize that as a price for being able to read this blog (and for being our friends, really), you may be called upon at some point to donate money to the "Dalene and Peter Rescue Fund". This Fund will be in place to pay off the kidnappers that we may happen upon at some point.
4. Check out the blog 2, 3...even 4 times daily. It is unlikely that we will update it that often, but if we get enough hits to this page, perhaps we can start generating some advertising revenue that will negate the need for the Fund as mentioned above (ha)!
5. We hope that this will be a two-way communication forum...please provide comments and send lotsa love! We expect updates from everyone on happenings in their lives, and want to hear from you to help placate the homesickness that I am sure will hit us at some point.

We are taking a laptop with us and hope to be able to stay in contact with everyone as much as possible. If you want to contact us individually, our email addys are:

daleneheck@yahoo.ca or petergheck@yahoo.ca

We look forward to taking this journey with you! Stay tuned...

Dalena y Pedro
(our Latin American monikers)


  1. Well dang girl - that is way too many subject to's in order to be an advid, loyal follower. Particularly the clause where I can not mock the hair nor the shirt. That alone has crushed the excitement for me .....

    But somehow I shall endeavour and will faithfully follow you around the southern hemisphere, all while collecting pennies to contribute to your ransom fund. I think perhaps I will start to study up on negotiation techniques with the many cartels that operate down there. I wonder how well interpretive dancing is received as a form of effective communication .....

  2. I'm totally looking forward to stalking you free birds!
    Will miss you SO MUCH! And can't wait to see and hear all about the craziness down south...

  3. Can't wait for the commando call. I'll be coming in hard & fast with the back-up team. Remember the code phrase - Bring the Rain!!


  4. Can I at least comment on the steady decline of your three shirts? Like, "hmmm see a new hole appearing and am excited to learn where it came from?" Or "That stain is a particularily breathtaking shade of shit-brown! I don't think i've ever seen a stain so life-like. I could swear I can smell it from here!" :)
    Dalena. Yes! It's perfect!
    <3 k