Thursday, September 10, 2009

And now a little break from regularly scheduled programming. For the last month my beautiful and talented wife has done the writing for our blog. Sure I’ve had insight into the writings, but it’s mostly “Pete did I miss anything, or does this sound ok?” With ample amount of time on our retired asses I have decided to try my hand at writing. Don’t worry, I won’t subject you all to my unpolished shit all that often, but bear with me.

This last week (and still going on) is “my birthday week”. For those of you that don’t know what birthday week is, it’s a celebration that was started by Dalene some years ago and has now become a ritual in our lives - for one week surrounding our birthday, we pamper whoever is being celebrated. Funny thing is, I just found out this week that I share my b-day with the Virgin Guadalupe. Here I thought they were having all these parades in the streets because of some set-up by Dalene (just kidding).

So for the past week, Dalene has been very excited for my birthday and the week that surrounds it. Strange that I don’t share that same excitement, but seriously I think that starts sinking in when as you get older, or as Dalene has put it in an earlier post “become old losers.”

A couple of times Dade has asked me, “do you want anything for your birthday?” and better knowing that I will never get a foot-rub even if it is birthday week, each time I respond with “nothing”. There is absolutely nothing material in this world that I could want for my birthday. Part of the reason that we left our lives back in Canada is so we can give back to the people who really do need not material things - they need the essential things to live.

At this point in my life I truly feel I have everything I need. I have my health, a loving wife, family and friends. I’m experiencing things that very few people in their lives will ever get to do. It is truly inspiring and I really can’t ask for anything else.

We just came from visiting a drop-in centre (for street kids) to inquire about volunteering. We are going back on Monday to figure out exactly what we are going to do...their first thoughts were to have Dalene teach younger kids to swim and have me teach English and take kids to the dentist! I am VERY excited for this. Who knows? Maybe it will progress into something bigger and could become something we do more of along our travels.

Anyway, to those who have wished me well on my birthday, thank you so much for your thoughts. We are truly blessed to have the family and friends we do, and we are always thinking of you.

Until next time,


Editors note: Have you ever seen Pete’s feet close up? If you have, then you will understand why in the ten years I have known him I have not given him a foot rub. Even during birthday week. D.

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