Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Love Day!

Chalk it up to things I never thought I would do in my entire lifetime…

Celebrate Valentine’s Day and the first day of spring in September, at a bar packed with equal parts Bolivian and Dutch, while listening to live Bolivian folk music and then watching Pete participate in a Bolivian vs. Gringo drinking game. The Gringo’s lost - but I must note that Pete represented well as the team anchor (two wee Dutch girls lost it for the team).

Surreal. But incredible!

Have I mentioned that Sucre should be dubbed Little Hollandia? I swear – about every fourth or fifth person we meet is Dutch. We still have only met one other Canadian and one American. We are truly out of our element.

Again, just searching for another reason to party, Sucre celebrated “el dia de amor” (the day of love) yesterday – while the Bolivians (not sure if it is all of South America?) do recognize St Valentine’s Day in February, yesterday was their BIG day, meant to coincide with the first day of spring. After our Spanish classes yesterday, we walked through the park right beside our school amidst tables and tables loaded with cakes, chocolates, and cards. Pete bought me a piece of chocolate cake (less than $1!) for my present. You can’t beat a day that allows you to have cake for lunch!

We spent last evening also celebrating the one year anniversary of Café Amsterdam – a little pub not far from our hostel that is a strong supporter of Nanta. Last night was a party for the volunteers of Nanta – jars of sangria and chuflay were dished out like candy. I swear that neither Pete nor I were drunk, yet hangovers plague both of us today. Must be the altitude.


  1. Holy smoke - did you think you'd be partying more in Bolivia than you did at the Brier? Happy love day back to ya from the Bubs, me and the girlies.