Monday, October 19, 2009

All I Want For Christmas...Part II!

Thanks to everyone that has pledged to help!

Here is some more information on what is needed, or some examples of what your donations can do...

- Birth certificates cost 37 Bs (about $6) each - unless there are issues which require further investigation, then they can cost up to 400 Bs. There are currently about 40-50 kids that are in need of birth certificates. Some kids have no idea what their birthday is or even how old they are - can you even imagine??
- Ñanta tries to provide milk for the kids twice a week with their afternoon tea. This costs roughly 80 Bs ($13) a week
- Each Christmas, Ñanta tries to provide a clothing allowance of 100 Bs for each kid. There are currently about 250 kids supported by Ñanta

All of these projects are essential and in need of funds. If everyone reading this blog even gave just $20, imagine the good we could all do together!

There is one other option for anyone who wants to take it a step further - you can support an individual child for $50 a month. This money will cover everything required for school (books, bus tickets, etc) plus food, clothing and other essentials. Hmmm...I believe our ¨favourite¨kid Rene (pictured below) may have found a sponsor in us!!

THANK YOU!! Please remember to make your pledge by Friday! Contact either Pete or I for more details.

And in other news...

- GRRRR!! We have encountered our first major issue with our travels - our laptop has died. Gone is our entertainment system, our iPod charger, my writing tableau and our photo storage (luckily, we backed up our pictures last week! Phew!) After some rough diagnostics and research we have discovered that our hard drive has failed. Given our remote location, we will be forced to go without until we at least get to Santiago, Chile, where we can find a Mac service center. Looks like we will have to resort to some more primitive forms of entertainment - like reading books! How are we going to survive??

So, unfortunately, until such time as our laptop can be fixed, updates may be less frequent and probably shorter (at least Uncle Ken will be happy). Mass uploads of pictures may not happen at all. Skype sessions may resume when we are in Chile as we expect internet cafe´s should have much faster connections.

- That really ruined our Saturday. And our weekend had been off to such a good start thanks to an awesome dinner Friday night in the home of a fellow Canucklehead! Brendan is from Ontario and currently working down here on a water project for the University of Calgary. We had an awesome evening of good food, good wine and conversation!

- Sunday was an equally awesome day, which we needed after Saturday´s crapfest. While Pete took to the bike with Albert again (Pete is apparently a masochist!), I went on a 15km hike with Albert´s wife Randi from Sucre to a small town named Yotala. It wasn´t too difficult a hike, but provided for some amazing changing scenery as well as a view into some small villages along the way. When we got to Yotala, we met up with the boys and their bikes for a late lunch before hopping onto a bus to take us back into Sucre.

Randi entering ¨main street¨of a small village!

- Our last week in Sucre is here! It is very hard to believe that 2 months has flown by this fast, and we are preparing to leave for a new destination. Our subsequent hostels have been booked, and we will just spend this week in our last volunteering sessions, stocking up on supplies (while they are still cheap!) and saying goodbye to the many friends we have made. Pete and I have both commented that it feels like we are leaving home again - we have gotten so comfortable here. It is a scary prospect to once again be on the road to unknown destinations, but we are also very excited to do it!

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