Friday, October 2, 2009

I had aspired to write the next blog post in Spanish but, well, I’m super lazy (as well, Spanish and I are not getting along today). I’m so lazy in fact, that you are getting this update via point form! Nothing overly exciting in our world these last few days, but here it is…

- With no pool duty for me this week, I am becoming a master at the afternoon siesta. This has been an incredibly lazy week for me, and I loved every minute of it!
- Pete, on the other hand, has managed to add another item to his list of duties at Nanta – he is now also helping with the tennis program on Thursday mornings! Yesterday was his first day, and he loved it! It’s also a big bonus because it keeps him out of the bakery.
- Thursday night we had an incredible dinner out with some friends from our hostel and school. The owner of our hostel recommended an exclusive Italian restaurants – so exclusive, in fact, that there was no sign adorning the front, and we had to ring the front door bell to get in! Seven of us dined on a three course meal of bruschetta, our choice of pasta and delicious tiramisu – throw in a couple of bottles of wine and beer, and we paid about $70 CDN for all of us. I had to be rolled into bed.
- We have the potential for a jam packed weekend, which makes my lazy week seem a little more justified (maybe?) Pete and I are going to head out to see a movie at the local cinema – District 9 has just arrived! Saturday we have a day long hike scheduled through some Inca trails and into a dormant volcanic crater, as well as Oktoberfest afterwards at a local gringo pub (if we make it after the long day hiking). Sunday we hope to take in our first game of South American “futbol”. Interesting fact - alcohol is not allowed at the games in fear of things getting too out of control (I guess the fans are crazy enough as it is)! Can you imagine if booze wasn’t allowed at hockey games? I think only THEN would it get out of control in mass protest!!


  1. The eating part of your trip seems to be going a lot better than you had feared. That's gotta be making things easier for you.

    I love your pic of you and the little girl. I'm glad to see that Dalena has taken on some of the same great personality traits of the old Dalene.

    Miss you!

  2. Thanks Anonymous! I miss you too!! =)