Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dirty Dutch Curling

We have met a lot of very interesting people during our travels, and our new Dutch friends Roelof and Lisette are no exception! Together we are all survivors of the Ruta-40-road-trip-from-hell, and we've continued to bond this week over several dinners. Our conversations have ranged from whether Guns 'n' Roses are from Holland (NOT!!) and about the state of the German soccer team.

Curling has also been a regular topic of discussion. The sport is relatively new to the Dutch but is starting to gain some popularity. Roelof, being a TV sports journalist from his home province, did an investigatory report on how to play the sport, and of course - the video clip is available online! <---- Copy and paste this link into your browser and then click on 'Sjoch nei Boppeslach Kafee' in the middle of the page to launch the video. The curling portion starts about 1/2 way through the entire video.

The commentary is not in English, but it is definitely worth watching just for the hilarious music applied as well as some of the English titles. Oh! And the video also includes girls in bikinis playing. Enjoy!

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