Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yesterday marked exactly 5 months since we left home, and we have already logged a total of 60 posts on this blog!

I have to say, that I am severely running out of adjectives to use after so many posts. And I am sure you are tired of reading how "beautiful" or "amazing" or "incredible" that things are. But, what else can I say? Every place we see introduces us to something new, whether it be a "beautiful" view, an "amazing" new friend, or an "incredible" experience.

And now that we are a few days into Uruguay, I wish that I had new, more expressive adjectives to use for how we feel about being here. Is it possible that if I just add the word "very" to the front of all the others that it will have the intended effect? Probably not. But, it is the best I can do without downplaying the significance of every place before this, or all the other places we have yet to visit. If I use "very" this time, then perhaps I will have to use "very very" if we find a place to top this.

Pete and I came on this journey with a few objectives in mind. One of them (not sure that everyone knows this?) is to potentially find a place to set-up shop. We are interested in finding a place on or near a beach and open a bed & breakfast. We aspire to permanently drink wine on the beach while watching the sun go down, and to never have to shovel snow again. For us, this is our definition of happily ever after...

And we now have our first contender to set up shop! We came to Uruguay with few expectations of this small country, but it has blown us away thus far. Our first two nights were spent in Colonia del Sacramento, a one hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires across the widest river in the world - the Rio del Plata. The historic downtown of Colonia is another UNESCO World Heritage site, complete with cobblestone roads, a gated entrance and brick buildings restored to their original brilliance. All development is kept in check via a town "good taste office" which rules on whether any additions are indeed in good taste! It is a major tourist attraction (mostly for Argentinians), yet somehow still manages to keep it's very laid back charm.

The gate to the old town

Not to mention, a 5km stretch of beach along the river! It is "very" beautiful. We liked it "very" much.

We spent our one full day on this beach, quite undisturbed! We followed it up with an evening out at a waterside restaurant, watching the sun fade on the water while enjoying some cool drinks and a delicious dinner. Does it really ever get better then this? We are "very" much in love with Colonia.

Yesterday we packed up again and spent 5 hours on the bus, moving up the eastern coast. We are now passed the river and directly on the Atlantic Ocean, excited for the more spectacular beaches that all the pictures have promised us. We blew past all of the popular beach resorts in favour of a more laid back (and cheaper) locale and find ourselves in La Pedrera, a very small, hippy beach town. We feel a little out of our element - we have seen very few gringos, and we also prefer to walk around town with most of our clothes ON, thankyouverymuch!

We have four days in this town, which will likely be quite enough. The hostel is a little scabby, and I spent a good 1/2 hour last night in an epic battle with a monster bug in our room that refused to die. There is no fan in our room, and no screen on the windows, so we are choosing to endure the muggy heat instead of further bug infestation. Very little sleep was had last night.

But, there are BEACHES! Anything can be endured for beaches. Especially "very" beautiful, amazing and incredible ones. Whether this town is a potential to setup shop is yet to be seen, but we have a few more places to explore...

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