Friday, May 14, 2010

Magical Moments

The kids continue to surprise and amaze! I can't decide what my favourite activity with them is. I love drawing and coloring - as soon as I sit down and pick up a crayon, a group of them will patiently wait to see what I draw so that they can try to emulate it. Reading with them is also so much fun, and I don't even mind that I now almost know "Huevos Verde Con Jamon" (Green Eggs and Ham) off by heart. Maybe because I think it's funny that Sam I Am is now Juan Ramon.

Pete and I are also both enjoying the adult English classes more than either of us expected. Three nights a week, we are assisting (and in some cases, leading) classes that are given to the general public. They are very willing participants who are eager to learn, and I have even done a couple of private lessons outside of the regular classes.

English is hard! The classes are making us look at our language in a whole new way. Do any of you know what "count and non-count nouns" are? Or, what about how to use verbs in the "future perfect" or "past progressive" tense? Yeah, I didn't think so. But now we do! Each class is such a challenge for us - in order to be able to help them with what they need to know to build the language, we need to do lots of homework ourselves.

We are also amassing quite an eclectic group of people staying in the apartment, with 2 new arrivals this week and another joining us next week. One of my favourite things about traveling is the diversity of people we are meeting and the opportunities we have to discuss deep topics as a group whilst enjoying cheap beer and good food. And it's even better that one of our new roommates travels with his guitar, and we can break from the meal and deep discussions to just have a good ole fashioned sing-a-long.

And in between all of this, we continue to work hard on the other projects we each have on the go, even creating some additional projects on our own. We have still yet to find time to explore the town and area, but will make more of an effort to do so this weekend and next.

These are magical, live-changing days. And we are so thankful that there are many more to come!

You had to know THIS was coming!

I was going to wait to post this, maybe after a couple more weeks of "wooing" you with stories about what a great organization this is and how fabulous the kids are. But, I have been getting a couple of requests for info from some of you already on how to help, so I am stepping it up and making my plea early.

As with all of these types of places in South America, La BIB runs on donations. Most of the money comes from current and former volunteers that can see first hand exactly how much their money can do - making arts, language and literacy projects happen for a needy group of people. In a town where the kids previously had never been able to hold a book - La BIB has given them this opportunity and will continue to give them more...with your help!

Why donate to La BIB? Because you can. And because you lovvvveeee us. And because it's easy! Follow this link for more info. Or email us if you have any questions!

Here is a couple of pictures of the cute kiddies to "woo" you even further...

Pete playing Jenga (and with the resident mascot - Bibi!)

This little rockstar is named Nicole. Remind you of anyone??


  1. So great! I'm smiling non-stop through this post thinking about Nico and her love of the new canadian, thinking about my own job and how difficult it is for those without english and thinking of you two...taking the trip of a lifetime and icing it with pure goodness like this. ;) Glad to hear you are both doing well!!

  2. Thanks Brian!! I think of all my BVC friends often while we go about our work here! And of course, Nico is with me everyday... =)