Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The betting pool

Pete and I were humbled and honored by the 60 people that showed up to say farewell to us last Friday! We had a blast, despite being forced into utter embarrassment by singing for the crowd (damn you, McShannock sisters!!) Thanks to all that made the effort to be there, it was awesome to catch up with you before we leave on our travels.

And thanks to Chuck and Leah for providing another form of entertainment in the form of our official betting pool!

While it started out as an innocent opportunity for people to guess when we would return, by the end of the night (and many drinks later), it turned into a storyline of what some people thought might happen to us on the road.

Below is a cleaned up, family friendly version (trust me, some serious editing was necessary)!

Thanks again for the fun memories!!
Dalena y Pedro

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