Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hasta luego!

And, we're off! All of our belongings are securely packed into the 130 litres of our backpacks and at 7am tomorrow we begin our travels by heading to Toronto and then catching another flight to Lima, Peru. Two more travel days will see us to our final destination of Sucre, Bolivia. While we are not looking forward to the ~20 hours of flying time, we are very excited about the adventures ahead!

We are prepared!
Thanks Auntie June, RN! We hope to never have to use these masks, but have found a safe place for them in our backpacks - right next to the Malaria pills and the Tide-To-Go pen. One can never be too careful!

Thank you!

These last couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster between our excitement for the journey and the sadness of saying goodbye to all of our family and friends. Pete and I are both glad to have spent the last 7 weeks traveling across the province (and to Newfoundland!) to spend some QT with you all.

Special shout-outs to: Ob, Dad, Phil & Darby, Karen & Tom, John & Kissha, Mom, Margo & Travis, Teri & Chris, Leah & Chuck and Sharon & Daren! We owe you all a HUGE thanks for housing our homeless a$$es!


It has been months and months of planning, researching, packing, purging, selling, giving, moving, driving, worrying, waiting, crying, laughing, etc. that have finally brought us to this time where we can realize our dreams!

We are excited, nervous, tired, ecstatic, determined, optimistic, scared, thankful, giddy, etc....

I hope we don't sleep through the alarm tomorrow...


  1. I'm so excited for you. Don't wait too long before the first big update, ok? We can't wait to hear how things are going! (I'm trying not to sniff sniff too much on this side of the screen as I type this). Love you both. Be safe.

  2. I love the goodbye pic! You guys are amazing for having the guts to follow through with your dreams.
    We'll all be here reading and living vicariously through you.


  3. I bet you didn't sleep at all ... let alone through the alarm. All the best to you both. Miss you already! I also missed the QT in Newfoundland. When did that happen? TAKE CARE! ... and don't forget the secret password for cash ...

  4. You two are THE BEST!!

    Thinking of you lots! Have a fabulous time!

    xoxoxoxox Patricia

  5. Yellow Dory! Yellow Dory!! Ha ha...I will never forget...

  6. I've only cried twice since you left! Muchos improvement. Nice to see you had some lovely beers. Miss you guys.

  7. Yellow Dory ... I thought it was Balls Bay !!!