Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunny with a chance of poop

Yes, we have had some glorious times on these travels! We have seen some of the most unforgettable sights in this world and experienced things that many people never will. We are having the times of our lives and are always anxious for what each day will bring.

However, there have also been some dark sides in these past four months that we have shielded you from so far. It has not been all sunshine and lollipops, especially as of late.

Examples are below, if you choose to read them and partake in our little bit of misery...

- I got pooped on today by a bird. Not once, but twice. And the problem with having a limited set of clothes is that I just have to endure it until the next laundry day.

- We have effin' bedbug bites. Not sure where we got them from - either from some friends that have them, or from our current hostel. Regardless, our hostel is currently fumagating our rooms and we've been diligently doing everything we are supposed to in order to get rid of them. We don't have them as bad as others we know, but it is still super annoying and I am now slightly paranoid of anything around me.

- Did you know that you can't flush toilet paper down the toilet in South America? For the first few weeks in Bolivia, we were quite concerned with this and even tried to time our bathroom visits around when we would be in a restaurant or elsewhere so that they could deal with our soiled paper instead of us. We now don't care. If our bathroom stinks from a basket full of used paper, then we live with the stink.

We are disgusting. Thankfully, we are going through this together so that we still have each other to love, because I don't think anyone else would have us right now!

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