Tuesday, December 29, 2009

They Like Us!

A week ago, as Pete was perusing the Lonely Planet website for tips on our next destination, he stumbled upon a section called Blogs We Like, in which Lonely Planet posts links from, well...blogs they like! These blogs appear on the pages of specific travel destinations and give readers the opportunity to get some travel advice beyond what the regular Lonely Planet authors provide. It also gives the writers a wider audience and a chance to earn some money for what they post.

Pete submitted this blog address to be considered as a blog they like, and whaddya know, they like us! We received an email yesterday saying: "CONGRATULATIONS! Your blog has been chosen for publication!"

I have no idea if this is actually a bit of an honour or if they give it to any monkey with a keyboard, but what the hell, it can't hurt, right? It isn't going to change where this blog is posted, they will just pull the content right from this page and post it on their site. The only thing that is going to change right now is that you will see Google Ads appearing on this page...the more people that click on them, the more we will get paid for our posts! So, if you have an extra minute in your day, give an Ad a quick click and maybe Pete and I will be able to afford a hostel without bedbugs... =)

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