Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Odds and Ends

Little time and little cohesiveness to my thoughts means...a point form summary of what's been happening!

- Busy, BUSY days at La BIB. Never did I think that during our travels I would actually have a "to do" list to attend to. But I do. And so this will be short so I can get back at it.

- We have actually made some plans! Plans that extend longer then next week! With all of the fun that we are having at La BIB and in Baños, we have decided to stay here right up until we return to Canada in August.

- That is, if Baños will have us. My slight worry about not being welcomed to stay is due to our collective La BIB performance at a local karaoke bar on Friday. I am pretty sure that the whole town heard our renditions of Four Non Blondes "What's Going On" and The Eagles "Hotel California". I think we attempted every English song they had in the book, and even a few Spanish ones. At one point, I apologized to the bartender on behalf of our group, and he said to me: "Well, at least you have a beautiful face." Compliment? Don't think so.

- Thinking of going on a holiday? Then use to help you plan, and you may actually read some of my "expert" reviews! That's right, I am now a paid contributor to this website and have much to add from our journey in South America. I've made $16 so far (which, incidentally, is my entire 2010 income)! Woo hoo!

- We are a-shakin' and a-rattlin' here. Since we've settled in Baños, we have felt actual tremors 3 times! Nothing major, apparently it is quite common to get tiny tremors resonating from an epicenter quite far away. It is not possible to actually feel them unless we're sitting absolutely still or laying down. The first time was pretty unnerving, and now we just think it's pretty cool.

- I HAVE JEANS! This may seem entirely inconsequential to most of you, but to me, it is a BIG deal. I haven't worn jeans in 9 months, and now I have my very own pair of handcrafted Ecuadorian jeans, for a whopping price of $15. I might go get me another pair. They feel damn good! Next up: perhaps I will find me some sneakers!

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