Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Kids

If I could fold Angie's tiny self up and carry her around in my pocket, I would. She is so quiet and shy. She barely says a word, except for the daily Buenos Dias upon her arrival at La BIB.

When she wants to play a game, she'll just bring it over and gently tap me on the shoulder. She usually wins. She is incredibly smart, athletic, and as you can plainly see, beautiful.

I doubt Angie realizes what a special kid she truly is. I hope she will someday.

Stalin is just one of those easy going kids that you can't help but beam as soon as you see him. He has a very playful personality, and his face is rarely without a big smile.

Within two days, he had a special handshake with Pete. He must live near La BIB because we have seen him a few times in the area, and he never fails to come over to say hello.

He reminds me so much of Avery. Very easy to love.

I don't know Pamela's story. She is obviously one of the more disadvantaged kids at La BIB. Her clothes are usually soiled, as is her pretty face and thick hair.

Beneath the soil is a sweet girl who loves attention. She is the first one to come in for a hug as soon as the door opens, and she loves to sit on my lap while we draw and color together.

Pamela is one of the many who waits outside for up to an hour before we open the doors in the afternoon. We are happy to be a part of this place that has so much to offer her.

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  1. beautiful photos of some of the kids at the BIB. Indeed they are all so beautiful; we would have love to take them (all) home with us...tell them all that Andy (photo guy, clown for the 'gran circo de titeres', guitar teacher), his wife Shari and their girls Ansley and Marleigh say a HUGE HELLO!!! and we think them them so often and wish we were back...