Monday, November 22, 2010


Part of the appeal of living in the remote wilderness of the Kootenay's is the frequency and variety of wildlife that can be seen. Our only disappointment so far is that we never got to see the teenage black bear living in the area. We suspect it was him that knocked our BBQ over one night early in our stay (unless Pete has taken up sleep walking). And with the cold and snow having set in, we're guessing he's nesting somewhere in the mountains and not to be seen until spring. Dang!

Oh well, here are some pictures of what we have seen!

We see at least one of these white tails through here every few days. We've had as many as four holding caucus in the back yard at once.

Never have I seen these before up close, and suddenly, we see them almost every time we drive to town. Amazing!

Look at the size of that thing! Our good friends the Schwieger's brought their boat and took Pete fishing for three days on Kootenay Lake. They caught this 23lb rainbow trout! Unfortunately, it was 24 hours before the start of a local fishing derby, wherein this catch would have been in contention for the win. Their next two days on the lake saw nothing near this big.

This ball of fur is the home owner's outside kitty, Lojzik. While she looks all cute and cuddly, don't be fooled. She plays a fierce game of staring-until-I-go-outside-to-pet-her. I haven't won once.

Not pictured here is me. I can be bumped from the category of "human" to "animal" when I get up in the morning and my foot aches. Luckily for Pete, I easily return to my human form with doses of codeine and dill pickle potato chips.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!? #$%@!&!!

Who wrote that bloody awful song anyways? I'm going to find him and give him a face wash.

Snow is not supposed to come to this area until around Christmas, but we have been getting it in buckets. Maybe it's not such a bad thing to be laid up with a bad ankle, watching all the snow fall while sitting by a warm fireplace. But you can bet that we will both be cursing tomorrow as we drive to Vernon to get my cast changed.

Only 27 more sleeps until we trade white snow for white sand! I guess we can handle it. =)

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