Friday, December 10, 2010

Ready To Go!

And just like that! Our two months of exploration in the British Columbian wilderness are coming to an end.

Unfortunately, it has included less exploration then we originally hoped, being that I was laid up for more than half of it. The last few weeks have been filled with monotonous days of reading, writing, movie watching, gaming and crafting. Pete has been doing double duty, jamming his days with cooking, cleaning, snow shoveling, and looking after me. I am (very gratefully) one spoiled chica!

I am finally mobile though, and have been walking in an air cast for the past week. It is still slow going, and painful when I push it too much, but I am very thankful to be using both legs again. While I have met my goal of being able to walk on to the plane to Honduras without crutches, I will be stuck in this big, grey, clunky boot for at least another three weeks. My fantasy of casual strolls down the beach and feeling the warm ocean water rush over my toes will have to wait a little while longer.

On Wednesday we make the trek back to Alberta, and board our southbound plane on Saturday. It is with great sadness that we are leaving our cozy existence in the mountains. We have loved every minute of it - the absolute silence, watching deer cross through the backyard almost daily, and getting to know some of the people that live nearby. Most importantly, it has provided us with the stability we needed to recover from our year of wandering.

It has given us our "mojo" back. Estamos listos para ir! We are ready to go!

One important thing that Pete and I have both discovered is that we are not ready to settle down yet. Our desire to explore and experience different locations and cultures is revived and raring to go. Good thing, then, that our next step is allowing us to do just that! While Honduras will be very similar in many ways to what we experienced throughout South America, we are excited to discover what makes it unique. We are anxious to meet new people, do more volunteer work, and continue to improve our Spanish.

It also doesn't hurt that we are trading blustery weather for tropical living! For those of our Canadian friends that loathe living through the dark days of winter, we will try not to rub it in too much.

(Oh wait, how did this forecast get in here?)

(And this? Oops!)

Adios beautiful British Columbia! And thank you, D&V, for this opportunity. We know we will be back.

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